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MarkWare 3.8 Label Software


MarkWare™ 3.8 Sign Making Software covers all your safety and facility identification needs in one powerful package


 MarkWare Sign Making Software - Label Software
  • It allows you to quickly design professional looking signs and labels on your PC.
  • You can print directly to a Brady labelling system or most Windows® inkjet/laser printers.
  • It provides pre-formatted templates such as CLP labels for quick and easy label creation.
  • You can create fully customised label layouts to your own specifications.
  • Most importantly, the MarkWare 3.8 is the same as version 3.7.6 but is now a Windows® 7 compatible software


What MarkWare 3.8 offers you:

  • Over 1,000 safety and industrial pictograms and 15 different bar code symbologies
  • A built-in graphics library and import capabilities for uploading new graphics such as logos and photos
  • A database of 2,000 chemical references for creating hazardous communication labels
  • Advanced drawing and formatting tools like textArt, shapes, and test to create intricate designs
  • Spreadsheet and database import capabilities
  • Printer Compatibility with HandiMark™BMP™71GlobalMark®MiniMark™, PowerMark™

Windows 7 compatibility
In addition to Windows Vista and XP Professional SP3, MarkWare™ v3.8 is now Windows® 7 compatible.

MarkWare™ v3.8 offers 19 European languages (install and application) on 1 CD (English, Finnish, Norwegian, Slovakian, Bulgarian, French, Polish, Slovenian, Czech, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Hungarian, Romanian, Swedish, Dutch, Italian, Russian)


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